Avoid These Practices If You Are Suffering from Complex Migraine

Complex migraine brings a lot of inconvenience to its sufferers. This term is often used to describe a when either aura or stroke-like symptoms are present. This is also associated to ocular migraine, a type of migraine that primarily affects a person’s eyesight. These attacks can hinder a person from completing their day to day activities making them troublesome to perform. Migraine however, can be effectively managed with enough care and preparation which is usually done with a few lifestyle changes. Let us look at some practices that you will want to avoid if you are suffering from complex migraine.

Knowing Your Triggers

Complex migraine does not happen naturally as there is often an underlying cause with every attack. This is especially true with regards to ocular migraine. It is important for patients to know what their triggers are and avoid them right away. With that being said, migraine triggers are not universal which means that a number of triggers may be present to some patients while others experience different set of symptoms. Since this is a person to person basis, what you can do is to write a journal documenting the activities that you did as well as the food that you ate before your migraine attack. This in turn helps zone out your triggers while at the same time give you a much clearer overview about your migraine.

Habits to Avoid

Even though migraine triggers vary from individual to individual, there are some of the general practices people do that are known to make migraine worse. These can contribute in increasing the likelihood of your migraine attacks and in some cases, make it much worse.

Aside from watching what you eat and drink, it is also important that you avoid skipping meals. Not eating regularly often results to headaches which add to the overall seriousness of your complex migraine. Caffeine is also shown to have a predominant role in developing migraine attacks. This is the reason why some patients decide to avoid caffeine entirely. With that being said, it is important to note that those who have become caffeine dependent will have frequent headaches if they cut off caffeine entirely from their bodies. To avoid this, you can instead slowly ease off caffeine until your body will be able to adjust to such change.

Irregular sleep can also make your migraine worse. This often happens when a person’s sleeping habits get thrown off. Fatigue and stress has also shown to have the same effects. Good sleeping habits have contributed greatly helping several patients manage their migraine attacks. To reduce your stress levels, take some time off when you are feeling tired and avoid rushing things out as this can cause fatigue. Keep your energy up by drinking lots of water and staying dehydrated all throughout the day.

We’ve mentioned some of the habits that you will want to avoid if you have complex migraine. You can discover more about these practices by talking to your doctors to learn more about your condition.




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